First post, a little about Caro.

Well, this blog has been a long time coming.
I’ve wanted to create a space where I can talk about interesting things in my life for about a year and I decided to finally go through with it today.

So, why did I call this blog “chamaleonidaeislove”?

The word chamaeleonidae is the scientific classification (family name) for the group of reptiles called chameleons. They are by far my favorite type of reptile and I’ve had the pleasure of working with several kinds. For example, Panther chameleons, Veiled chameleons and Rudis chameleons.
What am I going to write about on this blog?

Well, I’m an extremely passionate animal lover. I’m not a speciesist, I’m vegan and I devote a LOT of time and effort into making things better for animals in need. I want to use this blog to talk about what happens in my life daily, interesting things I’ve learned and occasionally rant about different topics.
What exactly do I mean when I say I devote a lot of time to animals?

Ok, this is a bit of a repeat of what I’ve written in my bio. but, I work as a Veterinary Technician’s Assistant at an animal shelter, I volunteer weekly at Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, and I also make time and space to foster animals, from the shelter, in my home. Oh yeah, there’s also the vegan thing. Other than what already existed in my life before I chose to be vegan, everything around me doesn’t involve consuming of animals. For example, I own a pair of leather flats that a bought a few years ago, and although it would be wrong for me to buy a new pair now, I’m going to wear out these ones before buying something new and animal friendly (as I also oppose over consumerism!).
Who gives a hoot anyway?

If you’re reading, than you do!
I’ll leave it at that for now. Go forth, be interested!