Purzum the Devon Rex

Today I want to write about the new addition to our family. Purzum, the Devon Rex cat!.

She has a little story behind her.
I saw her at work, the shelter, and spent a little time with her, over a few days while she was in the cat wards in the back. I brought up her breed to Dan and we did some research and she sounded like such an interesting breed of cat. That and I have always had a soft spot for weird looking creatures. So, I put in a request for a Devon Rex with the Adoptions counselors, hoping that she would make it up and we would have a chance to bring her home. Well, she ended up not sheltering well, and stopped eating. This is bad for a cat in any shelter. If they don’t do well then how can they pass through for Adoptions or be healthy enough for any needed surgeries? Knowing that she wouldn’t have much time to adjust I offered to foster her for as long as it would take to start eating again. I took her home without even asking Dan because I was really distraught and worried about her situation. He fell in love with her right away so I wasn’t in too much trouble. Although this is the second time I’ve brought home a cat from work without asking him so I’m definitely not allowed to do that again! It took her about 5 weeks to get back on her feet after having some infected ears and weening her into and back off of different foods. We introduced her to our other foster cat, Spice, and my cat, Onyx, and everyone seems to get along pretty well so I proceeded with the necessary steps to adopt her. Luckily she is still under 1 year old(therefore no dental work needed), and has already been spayed so she needed no surgeries! The vet noted there was a possibility of some sort of allergies with her skin, which means she ended up being a “special needs” adoption. About 5 days later she was ours!

Sleeping weirdo.

Her original name was Trix, which definitely needed to be changed so Dan chose Purzum. the word “burzum” is Orc for “darkness”, so there’s a bit of a play on words here, purr+burzum=Purzum. She did turn out to be pretty evil after she became completely comfortable. She runs all over the apartment, chasing anything that she thinks is moving. The best times are when she’s really revving up to run around, she sounds like some sort of cat fight is happening but it’s just her screaming to herself. It’s the weirdest thing.. She jumps and bounds all over (especially down the long hallway) and loooooves pestering the other animals. There’s a bit of training to be done. Simple commands like her own name, “get down”, and “no” are all new to her. That or she pretends to not understand..

She’s been officially ours for a week now and we both can’t get enough of her! We’re hoping that she’ll be able to pick up a few tricks, as the breed is known to be able to do. She is incredibly curious and sniffs everything, so if we can get to to learn to “kiss” by touching to nose to someone’s face I think that would be the cutest thing!

Sleeping beauty, once again.

I highly recommend reading the Wikipedia article I linked in the beginning of this post. Devon Rex’s are such interesting creatures and she’s a spot on example. I’d like to find a Devon Rex group or club so I can share all the hilarious photos and see how other people and families lives are touched by these squishy faced, tiny necked, crimped little aliens!

Several times now she’s been caught hanging out like this.


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